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January 10, 2017

How to add sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress

If you want to add sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress, that’s totally do-able!

Your first thought might be: easy, I’ll just sew the sleeves on from the Harrison Shirt. However, the Harrison Shirtdress is drafted with a sleeveless armscye which means it isn’t quite as simple as that. Sleeveless armscyes are drafted differently to sleeved armscyes, coming up higher under the arm, and narrower in the shoulder. However, if you have a copy of the Harrison Shirt and the Harrison Shirtdress, then you can make this one adjustment and then add sleeves without a problem.

How to adjust the Harrison Shirtdress armscye

To add sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress, you’ll need a copy of the Harrison Shirt, and the Harrison Shirtdress pieces (either the expansion pack or full pattern).

Alter the front

We’ll be altering pieces 1, 2, and 3. You can see from the image below they’re very similar, but the armscye shape is a bit different (as well as the length).

Add Sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress

Start with piece 1 (front side). Lay the Shirtdress pattern piece (in black below) on top of the Shirt pattern piece (in red below), lining up the princess seam notches.

Place a piece of tracing paper over the two pieces. Now trace off the armscye of the Shirt piece (in green below), but for the rest, trace the Shirtdress piece. So your final piece is shaped like the long shirtdress piece with the Shirt armscye.

Add Sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress

Repeat this process with the middle piece

Add Sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress

And then the center front piece

Add Sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress

Now you have your new, altered pieces (remember to transfer the notches, too!):

Add Sleeves to the Harrison Shirtdress

Alter the back

Now, we need to go through the same process for the back pieces. First, create the new side back piece:

Then for the yoke, it’s easy: just use the Shirt yoke rather than the Shirtdress yoke! No adjustments needed.

And here are your revised back pieces:

And that’s it! You can now sew up your Shirtdress using the Harrison Shirt sleeve pieces and instructions from the Shirt pattern.

January 9, 2017

Introducing the Cashmerette Harrison Shirtdress!

There’s no doubt that the sewing community loves a good shirtdress, so I’m thrilled to be able to introduce you today to the latest Cashmerette Pattern: the Harrison Shirtdress!

Harrison Shirtdress

Based on our best-selling Harrison Shirt, it combines the double princess seams that you love with a flowy silhouette and no-gape sleeveless armholes.

Want to make a sleeved version? No worries! A simple tutorial will be following tomorrow.

Harrison Shirtdress

Harrison Shirtdress

The Harrison Shirtdress is available in two formats:

  • Expansion Pack ($7). If you already have a copy of the Harrison Shirt, you can buy the expansion pack which has the additional pattern pieces you’ll need to make the Harrison Shirtdress, and brief additional instructions.
  • Full pattern ($14). If you don’t already have a copy of the Harrison Shirt, you can buy the full pattern which has all the pattern pieces you need to make your Shirtdress, and full instructions for making the dress.

Harrison Shirtdress

The Harrison Shirtdress works fabulously in flowy fabrics like rayon, cotton voile or even silk, and has a more structured look if you choose something with a bit more weight like chambray or linen.

The double princess seams combined with the cup sizing from C/D to G/H mean you can get a great fit through the bust, and the additional ease and shaping at the waist and hip mean you can sit down without having to worry about gaping (make sure to measure yourself sitting down to ensure you sew the right size).

Harrison Shirtdress

This pattern is available as a PDF only, which includes files for printing at home, or taking to a copyshop (in US and A0 sizing). As always, it’s available in sizes 12 – 28, and cup sizes from C – H – and with our PDF files you only need to print out the cup size you need.

Harrison Shirtdress

Finally, we also have a kit for you! This beautiful Japan-inspired dark purple/blue rayon has tiny dark and light blue flowers, and has a great drape for the Harrison Shirtdress – and no pattern matching required. The kit comes with fabric, interfacing and 18 co-ordinating buttons, and you can buy it with the expansion pack pattern, or the full pattern. You can buy the kit here.

Harrison Shirtdress kit

Whether you wear it out in the sun, with a cozy cardigan, or add on sleeves, we hope you love your next Shirtdress!

Harrison Shirtdress


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