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May 17, 2017

Newsflash! Name change & more kits available

Hi everyone – wow, what a week so far! It’s been amazing seeing how much you guys love our latest shirtdress pattern, so a huge thank you to everyone who’s ordered – we can’t wait to see what you make.

We have two bits of news:

The “Montgomery Shirtdress” is now the “Lenox Shirtdress”

First up, a name change. To avoid confusion with any other patterns, the Montgomery Shirtdress has changed its name to the Lenox Shirtdress. The pattern is 100% identical, so don’t worry if you already ordered yours.  Please use the hashtag #LenoxShirtdress so we can see your fantastic shirtdresses.

More kits in stock, and the sale is extended!

Second, we have more kits in stock! You LOVED the Tencel and Blue Chambray kits and they sold out within 24 hours, but we were able to get more of both fabrics in, so you have another chance to catch one.

The fabric’s winging its way to Cashmerette HQ right now, so if you order now, we should be able to ship to you within the next 10 days.  To celebrate, we’ve also extended our sale! You can now use code LENOX to get 20% of the Lenox Shirtdress kit – or any other Cashmerette kit – until 24 May (11.59pm EST). You can find all our fabric kits here.

Happy sewing!

Cashmerette Montgomery Dress

May 15, 2017

Introducing the Cashmerette Lenox Shirtdress!

It’s no secret that the sewing community is fond of shirtdresses, so I’m totally thrilled to introduce you today to the Cashmerette Lenox Shirtdress! Are you as excited as I am?!

(Note, this dress was previously called the Montgomery Shirtdress, but we changed the name to avoid any confusion with other patterns).

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

Cashmerette Lenox Shirtdress

The Lenox Shirtdress is a classic fit-and-flare shirtdress, with features that have been thoughtfully designed to look absolutely fantastic on curves (and of course, it’s in our usual sizing of 12 – 28 and cup sizes C – H).

What makes the Cashmerette Lenox Shirtdress stand out?

  • A gentle V-neck button placket frames your face and looks great on a larger bust.
  • The princess seams on the front and back bodice mean an amazing fit.
  • Short sleeves with a separate hem band.
  • Two collar versions: a traditional collar, or a simple band collar.
  • Two skirt versions: a lovely swishy pleated skirt (which is positively sculptural in mid-weight fabrics) or a simple gathered version.
  • Back princess seams with a built-in sway back, so no fabric pooling in your lower back.
  • A separate waistband which hits at the high waist, and looks equally great with or without a belt.
  • Pockets!
  • A beautiful finish inside with a faced waistband and a burrito-style yoke (and use you can use french seams for a 100% clean finish!)

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

You can use a range of light to mid-weight woven fabrics for the Lenox Shirtdress: chambrays look fantastic, and I’ve also made and seen awesome versions in rayon, linen and even silk.

Here’s my view A version in a classic blue chambray (available as a kit, so you can make this exact dress), in size 18 G/H, graded to a 20 at the waist. I’m 5’6″, and the skirt hits at the top of my kneecap. It goes so well with my new clogs, too!

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

Cashmerette Montgomery Dress

Rachel’s wearing a view B blue floral rayon Lenox Shirtdress (also available as a kit), in a size 16 G/H, with the waist raised 1 inch (she’s super short waisted!).

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

20% off “Sewing for Curves” online workshop

The Lenox Shirtdress is classified as an Intermediate level pattern, because the construction is similar to that of a classic shirt, with quite a lot of steps.

However, if you’re an adventurous beginner, you should totally give it a go! You could also enroll in “Shirtmaking for Curves“, my online workshop: the techniques are very similar to making the Harrison Shirt, and it will hold your hand through steps like creating professional-looking collars and doing a burrito-style yoke (the main differences are that it won’t cover the skirt or the V-neck button placket). Use code MONTGOMERY to get 20% off the price (valid through 11.59pm May 21st).

We’ll also be doing a photographic sewalong on the blog soon, so you can see the construction step-by-step.

Cashmerette Montgomery Shirtdress

As always, the Lenox Shirtdress comes in sizes 12 – 28 and cup sizes C – H, and it’s available as a beautifully printed paper pattern, or as an instant-gratification downloadable PDF, which includes copyshop files for A0 and US printing.

Lenox Shirtdress Kits

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got four kits for you – and two of them are featured on our cover! All the kits come with the fabric, interfacing and buttons you’ll need, and have the option of coming bundled with a printed or PDF pattern, or just the fabric & notions alone.

First up, the fantastic blue chambray I’m wearing on the cover: is there anything more classic than a chambray shirtdress? (in these photos, the colour on the professional studio photos is the most accurate!). SOLD OUT! You guys move fast! 

Cashmerette Montgomery Dress

Then, we’ve got the bold and beautiful navy floral rayon that Rachel’s wearing on the cover. It has tones of purple, orange and green, and will brighten up anyone’s day.

This light red chambray version is totally on trend, and so pretty as we in the north head into summer.

Finally, that hard-to-find tencel! We sourced this beautiful dark navy tencel and paired it with gorgeous brass buttons for a really sophisticated Lenox. It has the appearance of denim, but with a much softer feel and smoother drape: win-win.  Alas this one also already sold out during the newsletter pre-sale! All the more reason you should make sure you’re signed up for next time 🙂 

I hope you love the Lenox Shirtdress as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see what you make. Make sure you use the hashtag #LenoxShirtdress when you post on social media. What do you think: will you be making a Lenox? What fabric and view will you go for?


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