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Embrace your romantic side with the Alcott Dress! This dreamy fixed wrap dress features an empire waist and two design variations. View A has a knee-length full skirt and cap or elbow-length flutter sleeve, while View B features a ruffled midi skirt and long, ruffled sleeves. An optional maternity skirt is also included.

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SEWING LEVEL: Advanced beginner.

SIZING: 12 to 28, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H). See Sizing Guide.


Light- to mid-weight knit fabrics with at least 20% stretch, such as jersey or ITY.

NOTIONS: Ballpoint or stretch needle, thread, twin needle (optional), 1.75 yd (1.6 m) of ¼” (6 mm) wide elastic, 1.33 yd (1.25 m) of 2” (5 cm) wide elastic (knit or waistband)

This is the Printed Pattern, which will be mailed to your address. The PDF Pattern, which can be downloaded, is available here.

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Very comfortable and flattering

Lengthened the bodice and the skirt by 1" each (I'm 5 foot 8) and found skirt just about knee length on me.

First successful dress

I adore the Alcott pattern. With the cup sizes already provided, I was able to make a beautiful fitted dress. I've made 3 Alcotts and I wear them all the time. I've made another knit dress that was technically wearable, but frumpier (because I didn't do an FBA and none were included.) I love the crossed-front bodice... it ensures my bust isn't constricted, something that often causes shoulder pain.

A glorious dress with just one little change needed!

I saw this pattern on Renée Miss Celie’s Pants (her brown and blue starry dress is also in these reviews!) and just had to make it!

As always, the details are absolutely spot-on: who knew 1/4” elastic on a wrap top would make it lay that much better? And the flutter sleeves are dreamy.

After making my dress and reading some reviews, I made just one change I think others could benefit from: instead of inserting the elastic into an otherwise-finished waistband, I secured my elastic to the inside waistband with two zig-zag seams on the bottom and top of the 2” elastic. Then I sewed it to the front as if it was just a cut of my main fabric. For me, this makes it lay much flatter (no “draping” on the waist from moving around), prevents twisting, and avoids the pesky threading of elastic into casing.

I can’t wait to see what’s next from machine is ready!


I wasn't intending this dress to be my first foray into garment sewing with a proper pattern, but when quarantine hit the only pattern I could make work with my stash was this so I decided to go for it. I'm so glad I did! The entire process, from selecting my size in the layered PDF so that I wouldn't get confused as to which line to cut along, to following the detailed instructions all the way to the end, was straightforward and easy to follow. This dress was so much fun to make and though it didn't turn out perfect I now feel much more confident about my ability to sew clothes. I have an Upton dress cut out and waiting for the return of my sewing machine and I can't wait to get working. Thank you for designing such lovely patterns!!

First Cashmerette Fail!

I was very excited to make this dress! I made my usual mods - lengthen bodice and grade out waist one size. However., after applying the elastic to the neckline, the bodice didn't fit at all. It rode up and was unusable. I salvaged the dress by making the Washington top instead, and that turned out very well. I think I'd make this dress again , but make the top the same way as the Dartmouth top, which fits me very well.

Hi Fran - we’re sorry this one didn’t work out! From our chat it sounds like the issue as a combo of the elastic not working well for you and some grading between sizes. Next time when you use elastic I highly recommend putting tissue paper underneath the fabric (as a bottom layer) - it really helps avoiding anything stretching out.