About Us

Welcome to Cashmerette! We are passionate about the life-changing possibilities of sewing a wardrobe that expresses your personality and fits you everywhere, without compromise.

For too long if you’ve had big boobs, it’s been almost impossible to find clothes that both fit well and suit your style. You’re stuck choosing between gaping, pulling clothes, or oversized baggy tents.

At Cashmerette, we’re dedicated to making it easy for sewists with big boobs to make fabulous clothes. Start with our sewing patterns thoughtfully designed for boobs, in sizes 0–32 and cup sizes C–H, and then explore our range of monthly Cashmerette Club, online workshops, books, free tutorials and community. If you’re a busty sewist, welcome home!

In 2023, we welcomed MyBodyModel to the Cashmerette family. MyBodyModel makes croquis (figure outlines) that are custom made to your measurements so that you can sketch your fashion designs and sewing plans on a body model that looks like you.

Our Founder: Jenny Rushmore

Our Founder: Jenny Rushmore

Hi, I’m Jenny! I founded Cashmerette because I was so frustrated with never being able to find clothes that fit my plus size, curvy body (hello, H cups!).

I learned to sew at the tender age of 30, excited by the potential of being able to make clothes that fit me, and also reflected my bold, print-loving style. But I immediately faced the same issue that I did with store-bought clothes: most of them didn’t come anywhere near to fitting me well, not least because most were designed for a B cup.

So I learned how to alter patterns and had the (literally!) life changing revelation: that I could change my clothes to fit my body, rather than changing my body to fit clothes.

And well, the rest is history! At Cashmerette we have the patterns, books, and workshops that I wish had existed when I learned to sew. This, here, is my life’s mission, and I’m so glad you’re along for the ride!

As for the rest of my life? Well, I live with my daughter just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, but I’m originally from the UK (still have the accent!), and am very familiar with the British Airways Boston-London flight schedules. When I get the time, I also love drawing, painting, and cooking fancy things.