Sizing Guide

How to Choose Your Size

Welcome to your Cashmerette pattern! Whether this is your first time making a garment with a Cashmerette pattern, or your body has undergone changes since the last time you measured yourself, we’re here to help you find your ideal size or set of sizes.

Start by measuring your bust, waist and hip and comparing it to the body measurements chart below. If you fit into different sizes at your bust, waist or hip you can grade between the sizes to make a custom-fit size that will fit you. You can also reference the finished garment measurements chart to see the actual size of the garment—but bear in mind that there is negative ease in knit garments, so the garment may be smaller than your body measurements by design.

How to Choose Your Bra Cup

Cashmerette Patterns are uniquely designed in three cup sizes: C/D, E/F and G/H. Each pattern was designed using three separate blocks, which mean they should fit perfectly to your bust with no need for a Full Bust Adjustment!

As bra sizes are variable, use your full bust measurement to choose your bust size, rather than your bra size – don’t worry if it’s different than you expect! If your full bust could fit into two sizes, choose the size closest to your waist size. For instance, if you have a 38 inch waist with a 48 inch bust, use the 18 G/H bodice rather than the 20 C/D.

If you are an F cup or larger, and are choosing between a C/D or G/H size, we always recommend going with the G/H.

How to Choose Your Pelvis Fit

Some Cashmerette patterns offer two pelvis fit options: apple and pear.

The apple fit is designed for a low hip-to-waist ratio. Choose this option if you typically find pant waistbands are constricting, and the back bum/thigh area is a bit baggy, or if pant waistbands generally cut in when the pants fit your hips.

The pear fit is designed for a high hip-to-waist ratio. Choose this option if you typically find that pant waistbands gape at the back, but are tight through the hips, or conversely, when pants fit you in the hips, the waistband is much too big.

Learn more about how to choose your pelvis fit here.

Our Size Range

As of January 2020, we are expanding our size range to sizes 12-32. Going forward, all new patterns will be released in this new size range in both print and digital, and we will re-launch all our existing patterns in the new size range, starting in PDF format and then launching in print as patterns come up for reprinting.

The following patterns are CURRENTLY available in the new size range, sizes 12-32. All other patterns/formats are available in sizes 12-28.

Still Have Questions?

Still not sure what size or combination of sizes to select for your Cashmerette pattern? You can send us your measurements to and we’d be happy to help you determine your size!