Unfortunately despite our best efforts and rigorous testing, occasionally errors appear in our patterns. We always correct them as soon as we can, but if you're wondering if a pattern you have is affected, please read our list below. If you're not sure if your specific pattern is affected, please email

"Ahead of the Curve"

  • First print run (corrected in current print run, including books available directly from
  • 12 November 2021: On page 173, Foxhill Dress Finished Garment Measurements, the labels for bicep and back length have been swapped. The numbers labeled "back length" are actually bicep, and those labelled "bicep" are actually back length.  
  • 12 November 2021: On page 130, point 4. Instead of  "Swing the piece over, overlapping it by half the length you want to add" it should be "by half the length you want to remove".  
  • 17 May 2022: On page 48, there is an error in calculating your starting size for your FBA if the pattern is larger than a B cup (it is correct if the pattern is a B cup) and doesn't have high bust measurements. This will be corrected in future print runs. The remaining information is correct. 
    • Point 1 should read:
      • 1. Use your high bust measurement to pick your size from the bust line in the Body Measurements Table. This approximates your full bust size if you were a B sewing cup. If the pattern is made for a cup size bigger than a B sewing cup, you need to add to your high bust measurement before you pick the size. Add 1" (2.5cm) to your high bust measurement for a C sewing cup, 2" (5 cm) for a D sewing cup and so on, and use that number to pick your size. This approach should get you in the right size for your shoulders; that said, it’s a rough estimate, so a fitting toile is important, and could lead to you using a different starting size for your shoulders.
    • Point 2 should read:
      • 2. Calculate the difference between your full bust and the high bust measurement you used in step 1 (if you’re using a sewing B cup, that’s your high bust measurement; if it’s a bigger sewing cup than that, it’s the adjusted number). This is the total amount you’re going to add in circumference with your Full Bust Adjustment.
  • French translation: step 6 of the Kersoe Top instructions should say 1,5 mm

Chilton Trench Coat

  • 5 February 2021: The epaulette piece is slightly too long in sizes 12-22. Email us at for an updated print-at-home epaulette piece, or remove 3/8" from the end of the existing epaulette piece. The PDF pattern has been updated.

Concord T-Shirt

  • 11 May 2017: the finished garment measurements are all too small by 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). If you have the version of the pattern with a royal blue line at the top of the envelope, your measurements are correct. 
  • Pattern Inventory: In first print run of instructions, Pattern Inventory on p.4 lists Scoop Neckband as 3B; Scoop Neckband is actually piece 3C. The pattern tissue is correct. The latest print run is correct.
  • 2016: On the first print run of the Concord T-Shirt, the long tunic length has a discrepancy in the front and back side seam lengths. Trim the front piece until it matches. The latest print run has been corrected. 

Fuller Cardigan

  • 25 February 2020: There is an error on the View A Buttonhole Template (10A) button spacing. The top and bottom button are in the proper place and the middle two should be 3 1/4" from the other buttons. The PDF file has been updated.

Holyoke Maxi Dress & Skirt:

  • 18 July 2019: On the printed instructions, there are few numbering misprints in the diagrams. On page 17, the skirt pieces should be 13 and 14 instead of 12 and 13. On page 30, the 4 and 5 are transposed in the second illustration. On page 27, one of the skirt pieces is labeled 1 instead of 5. The PDF instructions have been updated and the most recent print run has been corrected. 

    Lenox Shirtdress

    • 5 February 2021:
      The short sleeve and cuff pieces have been updated for sizes 12 and 14. The sleeve cap was previously too short in those sizes. Email us at for an updated print-at-home sleeve file. This will be corrected in the next print run.
    • 14 June 2017: 

      A few of the tissue pattern pieces have the wrong pattern number; the name of the piece on the pattern is still correct! The latest print run has been corrected. If you have the older print run, amend your pattern pieces as follows: 

      - Side back piece: should be numbered 3

      - Center back piece: should be numbered 4

      - Yoke: should be numbered 5

      - Sleeve: should be numbered 6

      - Front waistband: should be numbered 7

      - Back waistband: should be numbered 8

    Montrose Top

    • 23 March 2018: 
    The body measurements chart on the back of the first round of printed envelope has the incorrect waist measurements. The body measurements chart on the back of the booklet is correct. Here are the correct measurements: (your envelope may already have the corrected measurements.)

    • On the printed pattern tissue, the Keyhole Facing piece is labeled 6C instead of 7. Use this piece where the instructions mention keyhole facing (7). The PDF tissues have been corrected & the latest print run has been corrected.

    Pembroke Dress & Tunic:

    • 16 April 2019: There is an error in the length of both neckbands (4A and 4B). They are 1" (2.5 cm) too long for the neck opening. Shorten the neckbands by 1" (2.5 cm) or email for a print at home file with the updated neckband pieces (PDF pattern has been corrected).
    Turner Dress
    • 28 Nov 2016: the piece labeled "Skirt Front" should just say "Skirt" and instead of saying "Cut 1" it should say "Cut 2 on fold." The latest print run has been corrected. 

    Upton Dress

    • 15 Sep 2016: Skirt B (gored) front side and back side panels are missing seam allowance on side seam. Add an additional 1/2" allowance down the edge of each side seam to compensate. The latest print run has been corrected (your tissue will be marked "revised 12-9-16"). 
    • The print run labeled "Revised 12-9-16": For View B (the gored skirt), sew all skirt seams at 5/8" with the exception of the center back, which remains at 1/2" seam allowance. The latest print run has been corrected, your tissue will be marked "Rev 01-08-19").

    Vernon Shirt

    • The first run of the printed pattern incorrectly shows fewer buttons on the technical illustration than required. The correct number, as explained in the instructions, for view A is 12 for sizes 12 - 32 and 11 for sizes 0 - 16, and for view B is 14 for sizes 12 - 32 and 13 for sizes 0 - 16. The tech illustration is correct on the PDF and will be corrected on future print runs.