Lenox Shirtdress

  • 14 June 2017: 

    A few of the tissue pattern pieces have the wrong pattern number; the name of the piece on the pattern is still correct! Please amend your pattern pieces as follows: 

    - Side back piece: should be numbered 3

    - Center back piece: should be numbered 4

    - Yoke: should be numbered 5

    - Sleeve: should be numbered 6

    - Front waistband: should be numbered 7

    - Back waistband: should be numbered 8

Concord T-Shirt

  • 11 May 2017: the finished garment measurements are all too small by 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). 
  • 2016: On the first print run of the Concord T-Shirt, the long tunic length has a discrepancy in the front and back side seam lengths. Trim the front piece until it matches. The latest print run has been corrected. 

Turner Dress

  • 28 Nov 2016: the piece labeled "Skirt Front" should just say "Skirt" and instead of saying "Cut 1" it should say "Cut 2 on fold." The latest print run has been corrected. 

Upton Dress

  • 15 Sep 2016: Skirt B (gored) front side and back side panels are missing seam allowance on side seam. Add an additional 1/2" allowance down the edge of each side seam to compensate. The latest print run has been corrected (your tissue will be marked "revised 12-9-16"). 
  • The print run labeled "Revised 12-9-16": For View B (the gored skirt), sew all skirt seams at 5/8" with the exception of the center back, which remains at 1/2" seam allowance.