NEW! Fitting knits

In this month's masterclass, Jenny will take you through the theory of why knits fit a bit differently, what you need to know about the different qualities of knit fabrics and how they affect fit, and fitting “cheats” for knits.


Understanding fit

What is good fit?

February 2022

Jenny explores the many aspects to consider when deciding what good fit looks and feels like.

Evaluating fit

January 2023

If you struggle to identify whether a garment is fitting you well, Jenny's framework for evaluating fit will help get you on the right path.

Why doesn't it fit?!

September 2023

Jenny shares her foolproof fitting checklist to help you answer that pesky question, “why doesn’t it fit?!”

Essential techniques & adjustments

How to measure yourself

March 2022

The key to sewing a well-fitting wardrobe is taking accurate measurements and using those measurements to select your best starting size. Jenny demonstrates how to measure yourself for sewing.

How to grade between sizes

April 2022

This technique of crafting your unique size is a game changer for sewing clothes that fit.

Alternatives to grading between sizes

June 2024

What should you do if you have to grade between more than 3 sizes? Here are some alternatives to consider.

Transferring adjustments

October 2022

Should you do the same adjustments on every pattern, or not? How do you know which adjustments to transfer?

Vertical adjustments

April 2023

Whether you're taller, shorter, or the same height that a pattern is drafted for, you may need to make vertical adjustments.

5 fitting cheats

August 2022

Jenny’s sharing her top fitting cheats! When it comes to fitting, you *can* cut corners sometimes—watch this masterclass to find out when and how.

All about muslins

May 2023

Jenny shows how muslins can actually save you time and fabric and shares valuable shortcuts to help you make beautifully-fitting garments with confidence.

Fitting knits

July 2024

Jenny shares the theory of fitting with knits, what to know about the different qualities of knit and how they affect fit, and fitting "cheats" for knits.

Fitting the upper body

Shoulder fitting

November 2023

Great fit starts at the shoulders! Jenny demonstrates different shoulder adjustments.

Gaping necklines

June 2023

An ill-fitting neckline can throw off an otherwise beautifully-fitting garment, so Jenny's showing you how to fix gaping necklines.

Introduction to FBAs

September 2022

How do you know if you need to do a full bust adjustment? How do you do it? Most non-Cashmerette sewing patterns are drafted for a B cup, so it's something many of us face frequently!

Princess seam FBAs

March 2023

Jenny demonstrates how to do a full bust adjustment on princess seams.

Extra large FBAs

May 2024

Learn about different options for extra large full bust adjustments.

Refining darts

May 2022

There's so much you can do with darts: split them up, rotate them around, or eliminate them entirely!

Sleeve fitting

June 2022

Join Jenny for a deep-dive into sleeve fitting. How much ease should you have in a sleeve? What do you do if sleeves are too tight? How should you add or remove length from a sleeve?

Sleeve cap fitting

July 2023

Sleeves can be tricky to fit, but you can greatly improve the overall fit of a sleeve with some simple adjustments, and Jenny's here to show you how.

Back fitting

December 2023

We've got your back (fit)! Get a great back fit on your garments with some simple adjustments.

Fitting the lower body

Waist fitting

January 2024

Get a better waist fit in your me-made garments with these adjustments.

Full tummy adjustments

November 2022

Jenny demonstrates how to do a full tummy adjustment on pants and skirts, and shows her handy trick for adjusting tops.

Front crotch fitting

August 2023

Pants fitting can be a bit of a mystery, and that's especially true for crotch fitting. So Jenny is here to help you understand what the wrinkles mean and what to do about them.

Bum adjustments

February 2023

If you're looking to get a better fit out of your me-made pants and skirts, Jenny is here to help.

Hip fitting

March 2024

Get a better hip fit in your me-made garments with these adjustments.

Garment-specific fitting

Introduction to bra making

July 2022

Join Jenny for an introduction to bra making. She's chatting all about the new Willowdale Bra and giving you a crash course on bra sizing, materials, adjustments, and fitting to help you create your dream bra.

Jeans fitting

October 2023

From the waistband all the way down to the hem, Jenny's taking a close look at common jeans fit challenges and helping you sort them out.

Advanced fitting


December 2022

Sewing patterns assume that your body is symmetrical, but what if it isn't? Jenny shares her best tips for addressing asymmetry in a variety of garments.

Pattern hacking

Hack your sloper

February 2024

Turn your sloper into a whole wardrobe of possibilities in this pattern hacking masterclass.

Adding & removing sleeves

April 2024

Jenny's finally answering that much-asked question: can I add/remove sleeves?