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Cashmerette Club All Access Membership

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I purchased the all access club during a special because I wanted two patterns anyway. Since my skills are advanced I thought that I would just use the patterns. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good the masterclasses and the live events are for the club. I learn something new from each one. The classes would be good for all levels because they are taught in a very straightforward, easy to understand manner. I will be continuing my subscription, even though I’m generally not a fan of subscriptions, this one is worth my money.

Tammy Themel
Cashmerette Club is Cool!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my membership in the Club. I hesitated to join thinking I wouldn't get as much use out of the features. I was wrong!! The patterns alone are worth the membership fee.

The masterclasses have made a huge difference in my ability to make clothes that fit me properly. I have struggled for years to understand how to make some of the changes necessary for a good fit. In one video, Jenny explained how a FBA makes the changes on the pattern work for my figure. She didn't just tell me how to fix the pattern--she explained WHY I needed to fix the pattern. Many kudos for an amazing service.

Helen Cox
Excellent patterns but sooo conservative

I have used a few of the patterns and I think that they are really great patterns. They are very well drafted and the instructions are fabulous. Unfortunately most of them are not at all styles that I wear. They are so conservative. I probably wouldn’t renew my club membership for that reason, but I understand that you are serving a particular market and wish you well.

Lynne Waterfield
Finally helped me stop dithering

I have had the “Ahead of the Curve” book for quite some time, but as a complete novice at garment sewing I struggled to find the confidence to get started. I came to sewing out of necessity rather than love, after Bravissimo in the UK shut down their clothing line, but with the help of the club resources I am starting to love it.
I had browsed the Cashmerette site but not actually noticed the club until I got an email offering discounted membership on the all access option. I wasn’t sure whether it might be too advanced for me but decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. I am a person who learns practical stuff better from videos than written instructions, so the masterclasses and video sewalongs have been so helpful. I find Jenny’s presentation style great to watch, straightforward and easy to understand. Having the free club patterns available reduces the cost of learning and experimenting, which is always a good thing. It stops me procrastinating about which pattern would be best…I can download a few, look at the instructions, and then decide what might be within my current skill set. I’m still very early on in my garment sewing journey but the all access club membership has given me the confidence and resources I needed to get started…one of the best purchases I have made in a long time and worth every penny.
I have the next book on pre-order and am so looking forward to it.

Marla Ripps
Such a beneficial resource

The Cashmerette Club at the All-Access level gives me more than I thought I would get. I joined at the All Access level because the incentive was a free Willowdale bra pattern and the sew along. Not only did I get that and a free pattern every month, I have access to all previous patterns, really informative masterclasses that have answered a lot of questions like how to fit a bra and the underwire, when doing a muslin you don't have to do every part of the garment just the parts that affect fit, sleeve fitting, etc. The live events are fun too. The biggest benefit is having patterns that fit me without tons of alterations. I gave up on sewing for myself years ago because nothing ever fit. It was easier to walk into a store and try on garments until I found things that fit my shoulders and bust. Thank you Jenny and the Cashmerette team for bringing back garment making to me.