Cashmerette Club All Access Membership

  • Cashmerette Club All Access Membership

Cashmerette Club All Access Membership

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Cashmerette Club

I am extremely happy with the Cashmette Club! The best fitting patterns that I have used, and the fitting classes are fantastic.

Lynne Baldwin
Cashmerette Club All Access Membership

I joined the Cashmerette All Access Club and am now into my third month. I am thoroughly enjoying it and have learnt so much. I have downloaded many of the past patterns and made use of the discounts also available. I’ve not yet joined in a live event but have enjoyed watching them back later on. The masterclasses have been so helpful and informative and I would highly recommend the Club to new sewers starting on their clothes making journey.

Trish K
Excellent membership programme

I’d been thinking about joining the membership programme for a while, and after a work bonus I decided to go for the all access membership. I have made a few patterns from Cashmerette already, and wanted to get the previous patterns of the month (Carlyle T for one) so this membership was the best option for me. I’m looking forward to making more patterns in the coming months.

Brenda Cooper
The Best Decision for me

Hello everyone. I am a retired medical scientist and love challenges. I was drawn to Cashmerette patterns because I have a smaller frame, with large bust. I also have a post menopausal belly. Beginning my sewing challenge, I chose the Concord Tee, and had issues fitting it even with the use of your calculator. I came to the conclusion, I had a faulty understanding of my body and pattern fitting. When you dropped the price to $12 a month for full access, I made the decision to buy the plan, and educate myself. This has been a good decision for me. The full price up front may be financially challenging for the average or beginning sewist. I have justified the cost recognizing I have a bunch of patterns to download.

Nina Rolf

All Access Membership