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Bask in the summer breeze with the Roseclair Dress! This floaty woven wrap dress includes three views: View A is an ankle-length three-tiered skirt with bishop sleeves and large angled cuffs, View B is a knee-length full skirt with short sleeves, and View C is a knee-length full skirt with on-trend puff sleeves. Sew a Roseclair in a lightweight linen, rayon, or cotton for a fabulous curve-friendly fit that keeps the neckline in place all day long.

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Advanced beginner


12 to 32, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H). See Sizing Guide.

This pattern is also available in sizes 0-16 (sold separately).


Main fabric: Lightweight woven fabric, such as linen, rayon, cotton, or double gauze.

Interfacing: Lightweight fusible interfacing (ViewA).


Universal or microtex needle, thread, hand sewing needle (optional), 13⁄8 yd (1.3 m) of 1⁄4” (6 mm) wide elastic (View C).


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Roseclair pattern

I have been waiting for a wrap dress pattern that includes bodices for larger cup cup sizes - this pattern did not disappoint. The instructions are clear and well presented. I especially liked the way multiple cutting layouts were shown on a single layer of fabric, this takes away much of the experimentation I usually go through to get the most out of my fabric.

Natalie Pham
I love it so much I’ve made 6

LOVE this pattern so much that I have made 6 of them!!!! 6!!! It just fits in all the right spots! I find it super hard to dress my size 20 very hourglass figure as most larger patterns seem to be a little more Apple shaped. But this fits perfectly! I love them so much!!!!

Anouk Visser
Effortless elegance

I've made my first Roseclair and there will be many more in the future. I went with the view B/C dress and the view A sleeves. The pattern comes together with ease and this was one of my quicker makes. I think, once cut, it took me 2 days of sewing with a lot of distractions and breaks. The most time consuming part are the waist ties and bias for the neckline, not because it's complex but simply because it requires some fidgety stuff (which is not my strength....). The fit is wonderful, it's a little low at the bust line but that has to do with some standard alterations I do. Because you tie it, it fits nice and snug at the waist and last but not least, the skirt is nice and flowy and has amazing coverage. I sometimes sit rather unlady like with wide legs and even then, it keeps your legs fully covered! So in short, another banger from Cashmerette.

No gap wrap

I can’t get over how well this fits. I’ve now made the Roseclair as a blouse three times. Rayon was my “test” then silk and linen. I put my measurements into the calculator expecting to still modify my rayon muslin and it fit right out of the gate. 10GH. My measurements are 41/32/43.

Annemarie Quevedo
Instructions Not the Best

First let me say I love Cashmette patterns as I usually have so few fitting problems. But though I am an experienced garment maker, I have struggled fitting the front shirt piece on my Apple shaped body. Strangely, for Cashmerette, that section of the instructions is not not clear. I am using a size 18 for the back bodice and skirt but a size 18 for the front bodice but a size 26 for the front skirt and it’s just not going together well.

Hi Anne-Marie - I'll send you an email now to give you some personal help on fitting the Roseclair. We definitely wouldn't recommend using just one segment 4 sizes bigger than the rest as that won't work, but there are plenty of other adjustments that will help you get the fit you're after.