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Ready to be cozy and stylish? The Stanton Hoodie lets you create an athleisure piece that looks smart and feels great, because it's custom-fitted to your body, with cup sizes from C - H! If you have bigger boobs, hoodies often end up uncomfortably tight or sloppy and oversized, but Cashmerette patterns are designed for curves to give you an amazing fit at the bustline AND at the rest of your body.

The Stanton features a pullover and a zip-up version, and both have a curved yoke at the shoulder with the great fit of a set-in sleeve. The roomy pockets let you leave your purse at home and run free. Get playful with color-blocking or go monochrome for a chic look. From the yoga studio, to the coffee shop, you'll be looking sharp!

This Cashmerette pattern includes:

  • Cup sizes from C to H
  • A “full bicep” sleeve option
  • A sizing calculator which will tell you exactly which size to make
  • A beautifully illustrated and detailed instruction booklet, to guide you no matter your sewing level

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Advanced beginner


12 to 32, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H); includes 40-62” bust and 42-62” hip, with standard and full bicep sleeve pieces. Find your size in seconds using our size calculator.

Also available in sizes 0 - 16


Main fabric: Sweatshirt fleece, fleece, french terry, ponte or any mid to heavy weight knit fabrics - requires at least 15% cross wise stretch.

Lining: Light weight knit fabric such as jersey or ITY

Ribbing: Knit ribbed fabric for cuffs and band (either tubular or by the yard)

Interfacing: Small pieces of midweight fusible interfacing for grommet installation; light to mid-weight fusible for zipper shield in view B (optional). 


Ballpoint or stretch needle, thread, 18" (45cm) of 3/8" (1cm) wide twill tape, 24" (61cm) long separating zipper for view B, 2 grommets (1/4"(6mm) inner diameter and 1/2" (12mm) outer diameter)), 55" (140cm) of 1/4" (6mm) diameter cording, 2 cord stops (optional). 


Zipper foot (view B), grommet setting tool or buttonhole foot, point turner, tailor's ham or rolled up towel. 

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Customer Reviews

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Julie Compton
Stanton Hoodie

Brilliant pattern, came together easily, even made one for my mother in law, she is petite so took off 3" from body length and 2" from the sleeve length too. she loved it. As with all of the Cashmerette patterns the instructions were easy to follow and they are happy to help out too. Thanks Julie

Love it!!

My new favorite hoodie.. Struggled a bit with the shoulder detail but got there in the end... Finished 3 thus far

Perfect fit

Perfect fit. Made the Stanton in size 18 cup g/h. Only had to adjust the length.

Michelle Nowlan
Beautiful hoodie, challenging your skills

Installing the zipper can be confusing and I still haven’t figured it out for certain. I cannot figure out why the pattern calls for a 26” zipper when the jacket will use 22” at best. This through me for a loop. Additionally if you are still not perfect with your seam allowances, (like me) your seams will not line up. And since I flat welted all my seams I cannot take the jacket apart to re-sew them. Fortunately I have enough fabric to start over.

I think the instructions could be clearer and more detailed/pictures in the I stalling the zipper section.

This jacket has been a test of my novice abilities, however by doing so, it has taught me new skills, and a new level of patience.

Haven’t re-started the project and it’s a gift for my mother.

Denise Kendall

I have just recently made this hoodie. What a fabulous pattern. This is the first time I have made a sweatshirt that isn't too big, too baggy with the sleeves not been too full or too long. I did take the sleeves up by an inch but that was the only alteration. Thank you for the fantastic drafting. I will definitely be making this again.