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Meet the Concord, your new favorite tee! Fully customizable, this knit t-shirt is a classic wardrobe staple that's designed for curves. Choose from three hem lengths (cropped, mid-length or long curved), three necklines (high, V-neck, or scoop), three sleeve lengths (short, medium, or long), two sleeve finishes (cuffed or hemmed), and optional sleeve tabs. Whether you layer them over jeans on Friday night, or pair them with floral skirts at the office, you’ll want a closet of Concords!

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0-16, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H). See Sizing Guide.

This pattern is also available in sizes 12-32 (sold separately).


Light to midweight knit fabric such as rayon, cotton/lycra or poly/lycra jersey, with at least 20% crosswise stretch. 


Ballpoint or stretch needle, thread, 8 inches (20 cm) of clear 1/4 inch (6mm) elastic (optional), two ⅝" / 1.5cm buttons (View C).

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Concord t shirt.

T shirt measurements all true to size but my issue was with the over large
armscye - way too deep on my short waisted figure. Not sure how to alter for this problem. Any suggestions?

Hi Linda - we'd be happy to help! If you email us with photos at we'll give you personal fitting advice.

Amazing Fit

I am extremely happy with this pattern, primarily because I did not have to do a bust adjustment. It fits perfectly.

Lesley Thomas

I was thrilled when this pattern came out in my size but disappointed in the fit. The website suggested that I was a 12 G/H however as I didn't want it too tight I made a toil as 14G/H, cropped with short sleeves as I didn't have enough jersey. I was quite pleased with the fit over my bust but the shoulders seemed narrow (not a problem I have ever experienced before) and the material pulled between the scooped neckline and the sleeve on both sides. I carefully checked that I had followed the correct cutting lines and made it again with same sleeve and neck, lengthened. I had the same issue on the shoulder and front and in addition the back doesn't lay properly over my waist area and hips!
I have previously made T shirts without any cup adjustment and not had these issues, so I am very disappointed. Perhaps I am not curvy enough?

Hi Lesley! Based on your fit issues I think you'd be better in our 12 - 32 size range - I've sent you an email to offer you a free copy of that size.

Mary Morrison
Best t-shirt pattern

I can't thank you enough for this pattern. My daughter is plus size and this is the first pattern that fits her. I used your size recommendation and graded as suggested and it's a perfect fit. I've made 6 short sleeve and she's bought fabric for 5 long sleeve for winter. They are super easy to make too.

Great Tee pattern

I wear tees almost everyday and this one was an easy sew and fits very well.