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Meet the Concord, your new favorite tee! Fully customizable, this knit T-Shirt is a classic wardrobe staple that's designed for curves. Choose from three hem lengths (cropped, mid-length or long curved), three necklines (high, V-neck, or scoop), three sleeve lengths (short, medium, or long), two sleeve finishes (cuffed or hemmed), and optional sleeve tabs. Whether you layer them over jeans on Friday night, or pair them with floral skirts at the office, you’ll want a closet of Concords!

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12-32, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H). See Sizing Guide.


Light to midweight knit fabric such as rayon, cotton/lycra or poly/lycra jersey, with at least 20% crosswise stretch. 


Ballpoint or stretch needle, thread, 8 inches (20 cm) of clear 1/4 inch (6mm) elastic (optional), two ⅝" / 1.5cm buttons (View C).

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Customer Reviews

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Claire McKenzie
Fab tshirt- can't wait for other patterns to be in lower sizes

Bloody brilliant! A t-shirt that actually fits out of the packet!!!!! No more faffing about with fit issues

Perfect T

This was the first time I ever graded a pattern between sizes...however, I did with the easy instructions and grid patterns. This is the best fitting T I have ever worn, I have made 6 already.

Virginia MacKinnon
Worked perfectly first time!

Love the fit of this top. Couldn't believe it actually fit perfectly with no adjustments - the sizing is spot on. I highly recommend!! One thing I would like to try but cant figure out how to do it, is to make the front of the top into a double layer. I have purchased tops before that have a double layer and they drape really well in the front - the outer layer flows over the under layer. Sometimes a single layer fabric clings to your bra or creeps up in front needing to be pulled down constantly...especially when using lighter weight knits. There is a way to do this with all the seams hidden on the inside - but even though it seems like a simple idea - there must be a trick to it that I can't figure out. Would love to have a "side" tutorial on how to do this.

Great tee shirt!

I never realized what a difference cup size makes in a tee shirt. I loved this pattern and the v neck, which is harder to find sometimes. I found the directions a little confusing about how to sew the v neck but that probably just means I need to sew one in every color and practice! I wear this tshirt all the time and it’s one of my very favorites.

Lisa Rednour

Great way to cut, never used a PDF pattern. I will from now on! Will definitely be using more of their patterns. My first shirt ever’