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Meet the Concord, your new favorite tee! Fully customizable, this knit T-Shirt is a classic wardrobe staple that's designed for curves. Choose from three hem lengths (cropped, mid-length or long curved), three necklines (high, V-neck, or scoop), three sleeve lengths (short, medium, or long), two sleeve finishes (cuffed or hemmed), and optional sleeve tabs. Whether you layer them over jeans on Friday night, or pair them with floral skirts at the office, you’ll want a closet of Concords!

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12-32, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H). See Sizing Guide.


Light to midweight knit fabric such as rayon, cotton/lycra or poly/lycra jersey, with at least 20% crosswise stretch. 


Ballpoint or stretch needle, thread, 8 inches (20 cm) of clear 1/4 inch (6mm) elastic (optional), two ⅝" / 1.5cm buttons (View C).

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Customer Reviews

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Great Pattern

I love the fit of the Concord - its my best pattern, and I tried a few. I sewed it with no alterations - thats great! Thanks.

Lives up to all its promise

I feel as if I have been searching for the perfect t-shirt for years. This is it for me! The range of cup sizes is what makes the pattern so useful.

Versatile tee

I had wanted this pattern for a long time and it did not disapoint. The variations are numerous so that when it fits you can use it multiple times without altering. My fit problems center around large bones and an a typical body shape. That being said, I cannot do negative ease. The size calculator put me in size 14C/D. This worked fine for the back, neck, and shoulders. After experimenting with different bodice fronts I settled on the 16G/H. This is due to my thick rib cage as I am only a B cup. Ok, so width is finished, now for the the length. First version I added about an inch and a half, which was not enough. I finally tied elastic around my high bust and waist and tissue fitted the length. I added 3/4 inch to the front armhole only, 3/4 inch just under the armhole front and back, and one inch above the waist front andback. This is the most length I have ever had to add. I detail this in case someone else has similar problems. But the effort was well worth it. I now have a great looking pattern that is versatile and fits me to a tee with no bust dart. Thank you Cashmerette!!

Perfect Tee!

Wow! I love this pattern... I cut a size 14 g/h and made zero alterations which never happens! Thought for sure it was going to be too small when I was sewing it up but it fits perfectly. I'm so used to buying RTW tees that are way too big to accomodate my bust so it's fantastic finding this easy to make pattern with lots of design options! :)

My favorite “Tried & True” pattern

I love this pattern and have made at least 8 of them in the last few weeks. Fit is perfect and it’s a fast easy sew.