Willowdale Bra


The Willowdale Bra is available in PDF only and includes all sizes (28C-54J).

Feel secure, supported, and self-assured in a Willowdale Bra! The Willowdale is a full frame underwire bra with a 4-piece cup design for vital support and lift in a beautifully rounded shape.

The Willowdale is designed specially for larger busts (with over 120 sizes to help you get the perfect fit) and includes full lace and half lace options for low- to no-stretch fabrics. The stretch lace upper cup molds to your boobs' unique shape and accommodates differences in boob size. 

View A has a stretch lace upper cup and solid body, while View B features an all-over lace design with an optional decorative lace edge on the bottom band. Both views include lined cups with enclosed seams, a power mesh back and adjustable straps.

Created by curvy sewing experts and bra-making professionals, you can trust the Willowdale to look magnificent while supporting you all day long.

This Cashmerette pattern includes:

  • 14 band sizes (28-54) and 9 cup sizes (C-J) for 126 separate sizes
  • Step-by-step instructions for choosing your ideal bra size
  • A beautifully illustrated and detailed instruction booklet to guide you no matter your sewing level 
  • Bra making resources and our bra fitting guide available on our blog

Want step-by-step help making your bra? Check out our online workshop Willowdale Bra Sewalong where Jenny Rushmore and Jennifer Fairbanks take you through the whole process with confidence!

Want to see how this pattern will look on you? Sketch your plans on a body outline croquis that's custom made to your measurements with MyBodyModel. Learn more » 

Product information




Band sizes 28 to 54 and cup sizes C, D, DD, E, F, G, H, I, and J; includes full bust 31"-65" (79-165 cm) and underbust 28"-55" (72-142 cm).

Note: Cashmerette bra sizing is calculated in a different way to standard Cashmerette garment sizing. Your Cashmerette bra size may also be different from your ready-to-wear bra size. Use the bra size guide (also included in the Willowdale pattern instructions) to determine your ideal starting size.


The Willowdale Bra can be made using the same fabric for the main and lining, or it can be lined using a lighter weight lining fabric with similar stretch properties. Consult the pattern's instruction booklet for the specific elastic and notions needed for your bra size.

Main fabric & lining: Lightweight fabric with low stretch (Maximum 20% in one direction only, also known as 2 way stretch), such as low stretch 40 denier nylon tricot or a low stretch poly/lycra fabric. This results in good support with some flexibility and is easier to fit.

Back band: Mid-weight stretch fabric with up to 50% stretch, such as nylon/spandex power mesh.

Lace: Stretch lace with at least 20% stretch, with decorative edging (scallops), at least 6” (15 cm) wide for view A, and at least 8” (20 cm) wide for view B.


  • Plush back band elastic (½" or ¾" depending on size) with optional picot edge
  • Plush back underarm elastic (3/8" or ½")  with optional picot edge
  • Strap elastic (½" or ¾" depending on size)


  • Hook & eye closure (3 or 4 rows depending on size)
  • 2 rings and sliders  (½" or ¾" depending on size)
  • Underwire channeling
  • Pair of rounded, regular underwires
  • Universal needle and thread
  • Optional: Lingerie bow


Spray fabric adhesive (View B - optional), tailor’s ham or rolled up towel, walking foot for sewing machine (optional), press cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Laura C.
Willowdale bra pattern

I bought this to make bras for my daughter. She gave up years ago on finding a bra that fit and was comfortable. I've made four willowdales for her and she is thrilled. They provide the support she wants and with only one minor pattern adjustment, fit perfectly. Bonus- she loves that they are so pretty

Catherine Cross
Game changer

Although my first Willowdale did not fit straight out of the traps, I must say it fit far better than anything I had bought in the past. I really can’t see that I would buy a bra again, having the multiple pattern sizes available to access the fit of the first bra and choose a different size is really useful and I am hoping that my second one will better, but I feel confident that I will achieve the fit I want. As usual Cashmerette’s detailed instructions are legendary at this point, and I learnt so much about bra making whilst constructing my first bra.

Patricia Bauler
Amazing Pattern

This is my new favorite bra pattern! I’ve made 2 versions and it has quickly become my new favorite bra pattern. The drafting is great and the instructions are very detailed.

Greet bra pattern

I approached the pattern with fear and trepidation. I made my first bra in a class with a great teacher who helped me to understand the process. My first bra fits beautifully and I am so proud of it. I’ll be making another one soon.

Alison Jones
This Patter n Fit SO Well !

I have made so many bras for my daughter using so many patterns. The Willowdale fit her so well and gave support.I moved the straps towards the middle by 1.5cm and widened the bridge .Used two different cup sizes. I am about to use the pattern to make her a bikini top for the summer coming up soon.
The material used was embroidered tulle and lace I bought from UK. I was so happy to finally find a pattern that was right for her shape and large bust.

Megan Groves
Excellent pattern, a great intro to bra making

This pattern is very well written and explained. The bra making process is overwhelming to begin, but the directions walk you through every step of the way. I also purchased the Willowdale bra making course which was very helpful. One thing worth noting is that bra making requires a lot of trial and error. I am on my 4th toile now and am getting close to a good fit. Sizing seems true to size (though keep in mind many women wear the wrong bra size because bra sizing is a confusing mess) so definitely confirm size with measurements.