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Meet the Appleton Dress, your new wardrobe staple. This classic knit wrap dress is designed to play up your curves with a crossover front, a built-in waist tie, and a deep V-neck. Designed by and for curvy women, the Appleton’s innovative neckband construction prevents gaping across your bust. Do a celebratory shimmy, because this bodice has you well covered!

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Advanced beginner


0-16, in three cup sizes (C/D, E/F, G/H). See Sizing Guide.

This pattern is also available in sizes 12-32 (sold separately).


Light to midweight knit fabric such as jersey or ITY, with at least 50% crosswise stretch. 


Ballpoint or stretch needle, thread, 6 inches (15 cm) of clear 1/4 inch (6mm) elastic (optional).   

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Appleton's the best!

First knit garment I've ever made, easiest pattern I've ever used! 34K UK bra size (34N US, H cup sewing size?), 35.5" HB 34" UB 44" B, details on extremely minor adjustments made below). I recommend this pattern to anyone with a big underbust to bust difference who has trouble with other patterns and anyone of any size who wants a no gap neckline on a wrap dress. Pretty sure the neckline would hold up on a trampoline. Fast to sew up too! Directions so simple by the second one you won't have to read them again. I've never made a pattern so easy it was fun before, who knew it was possible? It's anything from a sundress to work attire to a date night dress depending on fabric so it covers a lot of ground, pretty sure this dress is going to be half my wardrobe by winter, thanks Cashmerette!

I did make some minor changes because I needed some more room up top. I didn't follow her directions re cup size which I just found at but it worked out anyhow. These are by far the fewest adjustments I've ever had to make in anything!

I added 2" in vertical length at the bust line and bumped it out a little at the bust line on the side seam per the instructions for a dartless knit FBA ( ) and using the G/H cups for size 16 (calculator said 10 w/ 3.5" FBA, cup size directions said 12 w/ a 2" FBA, can go up to a 14 with a 2" FBA for better neckline coverage per pattern directions, but just using a 16 was easier/simpler (I think the FBA directions on the site are usually guidelines for wovens anyhow) so I essentially went up a size for extra neckline coverage then added 3/4" width for luck. Used 10 for neckline and shoulder, but I was doing sleeveless so things were forgiving. Honestly that was probably overkill, my muslin had 250% stretch and required no other adjustment, this pattern is so good I could have skipped the muslin entirely. I could have cut a straight 16 with just the 2" or maybe even less added in front length at bustline (or forgotten to do that and taken the extra off the back when hemming, which I'll definitely screw up and do at some point!), taken the shoulders down a tad as per usual for me, and that's it! The knit FBA directions on the website tell you how to add length if you're above an H cup or just need it so don't worry if you are new to knit FBAs, it's super easy.

The second version I made in a strange unnamed bargain bin 50% horizontal stretch knit with no vertical stretch at all, so I added a french dart starting from just above the waistline/strap opening and ending 2" off the apex to take up the extra vertical length I added at the bustline. You won't need to if you didn't need extra vertical length or if you have enough vertical stretch. I'd never done that before but it was easy, just sew the side seam down from the armpit until you're almost to the waist side seam opening, put it on inside out, pinch the excess out using your fingers and pin then make it nicer once you get it off your body. It was about a 1" deep dart to take up the 2" added to the side seam. I used a straight dart rather than curved bc my body didn't curve much there, ymmv. I think with a typical knit with vertical stretch a dart would not be necessary but am including this info in case anyone needs it. I also added some extra fabric at the armpits, just held the pattern up to myself and guessed, and because I did the dart first before lowering the shoulders (I know, shoulders first always!) that saved me some trouble but still would have been fine if I hadn't since I was doing sleeveless, despite 4" tall bra bands the coverage was there in the original pattern. Next time I'll just lower the shoulders first thing and won't need extra at the pits. Back great, front coverage great, easy to sew and easy to wear. Very impressed and extremely happy I didn't have to do anything elaborate or impossible as I've had to with every other pattern I've tried and no frustration at all! A completely new experience for me, for sure. Next one is spandex cotton jersey and I'm sure I won't need to do anything but add 2" length at bustline in a size 16 and take out some shoulder height, which takes less than 30 seconds to do to the pattern piece and in fabric. Everything was easy out of the gate and I'm sure will get easier with proper fabric!


So pleased with my wearable muslin, can't wait to cut into my fashion fabric! I used the size calculator and was recommended to cut a 6E/F graded to an 8 at the waist, and the only changes I made to the recommendation was to cut the 6C/D cup for my smaller breast, and the 6E/F cup for my larger breast, because I hate padding the smaller side out to keep my neckline from looking uneven. On my next version I may not grade back to a 6 at the hip and just follow the 8 line down from waist to hem, just because I'd like a smidge more room for the drape from my lower abdominal pooch to the floor.
Absolutely love that I don't need to adjust the shoulders or the bust at all on this pattern, which are my usual complaints as a narrow shoulder/small ribcage gal with a larger bust.

Sinead Norton
Love this pattern!

I’m currently pregnant and wanted a pattern that could accomodate my newly enlarged bust and that would be nursing friendly, so I was delighted when the Appleton dress was released in an extended size range. The pattern fits great without any adjustments, and I love the neckline band which really does prevent any gaping. I’ve made 3 so far, and at 4 months pregnant I’m pretty much living in them - I don’t know if I’ll make it all the way to 9 months in these dresses but even if my bump outgrows them, I know I’ll get lots of use out of them once baby arrives.

Ceri Brown
A gape free delight

This is a lovely pattern and I certainly will be making more than one. The sizing is spot on it’s so nice not to have to mess around with bust adjustments.

Carolyn Murrell
Appleton Dress - Perfect Fit First Time

This was my first foray into Cashmerette patterns. It was a pleasing experience. The size calculator to determine the right size to use was great. I made the dress for my curvey daughter-in-law and she loves it. I couldn't believe how easily the dress went together, with no gaping at the neck. With grading and other basic length adjustment, it is a near perfect fit. Will make smaller cap sleeves on the next one, due to living in the tropics. The only improvement needed are the tie end holes in the side seams. I will reinforce these next time, which I am hoping will make them easier to locate when putting the dress on.