Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve

  • Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve PDF pattern

Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve


This free download is a Full Bicep Sleeve piece for the Harrison Shirt, adding another 1 inch (2.5cm) of ease into the bicep. The amount of ease you need is a personal choice, but we usually recommend 1.5 - 2.5 inches. 

This piece comes as a Print At Home PDF pattern, with 11 pages to print and tape (advice on how to assemble the pattern is here).  

This free sleeve piece does not come with the full Harrison Shirt pattern. The Harrison Shirt is available separately here


Customer Reviews

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Great Learning Experience!

I love this pattern, the quality of the pattern, envelope & instruction booklet. I would say that it fits true to size. I made the pattern in a size 18 knowing that I would need to make adjustments for my personal fit. I have the online tutorial
of Jenny teaching have to sew this shirt. Great instruction and camera angles! I could listen to her all day : )

Great idea, but sleeves were too short

I made this pattern (size 20, cup E/F) for my daughter, who is tall, not just big around. The sleeves were about 3" too short, and the shirt could have been longer too. Otherwise a great design. I'll know better the next time around to adjust considerably!

Hi Amy. Glad that you loved the pattern! Our patterns are drafted for a height of 5'6', so if you're significantly taller or shorter (or have longer proportions) then we'd always recommend shortening or lengthening pieces. There are shorten/lengthen lines on all our patterns!


great shirt

I love this shirt and following the workshop has taught me so much. I enjoyed making something that turned out just right.


I purchased the class & pdf version of the pattern.
1. I absolutely HATE tissue patterns. HATE HATE HATE them. On a whim, I decided to try Cashmerette, so I purchased the pdf and class. WARNING: I haven't sewn a garment in probably 20 years...

Off I went to KINKO's (US) with my Pattern PDF, and had it printed on 36" wide paper. OHMYGOSH!
I was happier than an ant at a picnic. The heavier paper was dynamite! There are NO WORDS to describe how much I loathe tissue patterns - they were a large part of why I got tired of sewing, and the weird sizing of commercial patterns made the decision to STOP muuuuch easier.

2. I'm 6' tall, an apple-ish shape, and have a devil of a time finding shirts that fit through the shoulders & waist, and struggle getting the length I need in the body/arms. I'd like to raise my arms w/o revealing everything between my waist and chin to the world TYVM.
I also wanted sleeves that didn't look like bat wings they were so far oversized for MY arms, and darts that weren't at my waist b/c I have a smaller bust.
The class has been immensely helpful thus far - while I'm 50% through my "trial shirt" constructed of muslin.

I am already looking forward to my next project(s) - fitting and sewing have been pretty simple!

The instructions in the class are excellent. I am very impressed with the speed of the class (not too fast/slow), and the level of detail.

If I were to make a change, the only change would be to offer the option of purchasing the video on a DVD. I'd happily pay another 10-15.00 if i could have a disc!!! :)

Thank you for a wonderful product!