Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve

  • Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve PDF pattern

Harrison Shirt Full Bicep Sleeve


This free download is a Full Bicep Sleeve piece for the Harrison Shirt, adding another 1 inch (2.5cm) of ease into the bicep. The amount of ease you need is a personal choice, but we usually recommend 1.5 - 2.5 inches. 

This piece comes as a Print At Home PDF pattern, with 11 pages to print and tape (advice on how to assemble the pattern is here).  

This free sleeve piece does not come with the full Harrison Shirt pattern. The Harrison Shirt is available separately here


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
A staple pattern for everyone's repertoire

This is another really well drafted pattern. It was my first attempt at making a shirt and the instructions explained each step very clearly. I really enjoyed the entire process. The shirt fit perfectly with very little to no adjustments. I will definitely be making many more.

Fits great!

I almost always have to make major adjustments to garment patterns. This time I tried my suggested size without making any adjustments. I was shocked at how well it fit. Next one I will make a few small tweeks but overall best fitting shirt pattern I have ever bought.

Harrison Shirt

I've been lurking around your website for about a year and have been intrigued. Finally I ordered the harrison shirt pattern and just finished making a "muslin' version of it. I used the size 16 C cup version. I straightened the seam at the waist and did an upper sleeve adjustement to widen it 1 inch. Got a great fit that feels and looks good. I have sewn garments off and on since I was a teen = 45 to 50 years of sewing. I have to say that the technique instructions are amazing. It is the most professional looking shirt I ever sewn! And I thought I was already pretty skilled.

Tinkering needed for petite, busty women

I bought the Harrison shirtdress and shirt and eagerly plunged in - the pattern and instructions are lovely and clear. This was my first time attempting a shirt with plackets and collar and I had no problems following along. The look of the final garments - both the dress and shirt - are great.

I'm still struggling with the fit though. I'm 5"2 on a good day, big bust and measuring bang between 12/14 E/F. End result was a perfect fit through the bust and shoulders but too much fabric everywhere else despite shortening by 3" and adjusting for the fairly "funky" curve that shortening by so much added to the hip curve. I'm motivated for keep tinking but having heard so many fabulous reviews about needing only 'tiny' adjustments with Cashmerette, I was slightly disappointed that I'll need to keep working to make Harrison work for me.

Quickly became my Tried’n’True shirt pattern

A great pattern with straightforward instructions. After a few small adjustments grading between sizes I now have a perfect fit and have made it 4 times. Using different fabric drastically changes the look so I’ve gotten lots of versatility out of one pattern